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Who is this membership for?

If you are a self-starter and ready to learn Blender for 3D Print Design our membership will help you print your own ideas no matter your skill level.

Beginners who have never designed anything before are more than welcome!

Tinkercad Users looking to up your design abilities will benefit greatly from our memberships.

Experienced Designers who already use Fusion360 or other parametric software should add Blender for 3D Printing techniques to your toolbelt.

Do I need a 3D Printer to be a member?

No! These courses are focused on designing for 3D printing. While we will touch on concepts necessary to get your design on the print bed, we will not be focusing on the practical gear or technical side of the process unless specifically stated otherwise in the courses.

Blender for 3D Print Design? Shouldn't I be learning something else?

Blender is an incredible open-source software that will get you started on your design journey.

It's a Sub-D modeling software that is PRIME for organic modeling. We truly believe that learning the basics of 3D design with Blender lowers the barrier to entry as well as introduces you to the amazing community.

Once you learn blender you will be able dive into any other 3D software with less of a learning curve.

Will someone be there to help me if I get stuck?

Yes! Our instructors want to help you when you get stuck. Use the DISCUSSIONS pannel in every lesson and we'll answer in 2 business days or less.

When do the classes begin?

From the moment you sign up you have access to ALL courses & perks. This allows you to move at your own pace and ask questions as you need to.

How long will I be able to have access to the courses?

You will have access to all lessons as long as you have an active membership. This will allow all students the opportunity to go back and retake lessons as well as benefit from updates we make to the courses.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts, you can simply cancel your account at any time through your Billing Portal. You will have access to all courses until your current billing cycle ends.

If for whatever reason you need help with this process please contact, to assist you with your concerns.